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Membership in the Mothers’ Club provides Hampstead moms with so many things –  an occasional night away from the kids, companionship with other moms to brainstorm problems and ideas, finding same-age friends for your kids before they get to school, tidbits about the best kid-friendly businesses in town, the ins and outs of all the schools in the area, opportunities to network and talk about your professional interests …  We could go on and on, but why not come to our next meeting and see for yourself? We’d love to have you join us!  Email [email protected] to find out about our next meeting.


What do I have to do to join the Mothers’ Club?

The Mother’s Club is for moms residing in Hampstead/East Hampstead with at least one child between the ages of newborn – 14 (8th grade).  Or, moms who live out of town can still join if they have a child in a Hampstead School.  New members can join any time!!

What is the real time commitment?

We have both working and stay at home moms and know how buys life can be.  The fear of committing to a volunteer organization can feel like too much.  Fortunately, HMC does not require a major time commitment and is flexible to meet the needs of its members!

We ask that our members come to the monthly meeting to vote on disbursements and to organize upcoming events.  All members are expected to attend our major fundraising events that are planned well in advance to make them fun and run smoothly and to participate in the planning of at least one of the events.

How does the club really help our community?

The Mothers’ Club holds several fundraisers throughout the year.  These events are a lot of fun for the community AND the proceeds benefit our schools and many local programs.  We’ve been able to contribute to:  Hampstead’s Central & Middle Schools, scholarships for Pinkerton Academy, children’s furniture for the library, museum passes, Hampstead Softball & Basketball, St. Anne’s Food Pantry, Civic Club Fishing Derby, the new town Basketball court, the Depot Road Playground, and many others.

What kind of adult social events does the club have?

 The club tries to balance the needs of stay-at-home and working moms, moms with kids of all ages, and moms with varying interests and hobbies…  To that end, we have many different ladies-only social events and even a few couples’ events.

★ Ladies Weekends Away

★ Movies,  Trivia and Game nights

★ Drink/Appetizer nights

Are there any special activities for children of Club members?

Children in the club have an opportunity to meet other kids their age and participate in a wide range of activities!  A few examples are:

★ Morning Playdates (coffee break for Mom!)

★ Beach Trips and Water Playdates during the summer

★ Group outings and activities