Craft Fair

**2020 Craft Fair Update**
It is with great sadness that the Hampstead Mothers’ Club needs to cancel our annual craft fair. The Hampstead School district has decided to return to only a remote option for this fall. Given the number of vendors and participants we have each year, we feel as an organization that canceling this years fair is the safest option for our community.
Having said that, the Hampstead Mothers’ Club is a non-profit whose goal is to help the children of Hampstead. If you don’t know about our organization, here’s a little excerpt from our website.
How does the club really help our community? The Mothers’ Club holds several fundraisers throughout the year. These events are a lot of fun for the community AND the proceeds benefit our schools and many local programs. We’ve been able to contribute to: Hampstead’s Central & Middle Schools, scholarships for Pinkerton Academy, children’s furniture for the library, museum passes, Hampstead Softball & Basketball, St. Anne’s Food Pantry, Civic Club Fishing Derby, the new town Basketball court, the Depot Road Playground, and many others.
If you’d like additional information or to learn more about us, please go to
Due to the pandemic, the Hampstead Mothers’ Club has missed 3 of its major fundraisers, the Craft Fair being our largest, most successful. If you’d like to support our organization, here are a few options:
Donate this year’s craft fair entrance fee, $65, to the Hampstead Mothers’ Club. If you would like to take advantage of this option, please let me know we’ll deposit your check.
Donate one of your handmade items to our virtual raffle. The mother’s club is in the process of putting together a virtual raffle for this fall. If you would like to contribute to this raffle your donation can be mailed to:
Hampstead Mothers Club
P.O. Box 573
Hampstead, NH 03841
The mothers club is committed to helping all our wonderful vendors. For a $10 donation, we’ll spotlight a vendor for a week on both our webpage and our Facebook page. We can use the pictures you submitted with your application or if you have a website, we can highlight it here. This donation can be made through Venmo, Paypal or a check. We’d like to start spotlighting our vendors mid September.
We understand everyone is affected in some manner by the pandemic. If you are unable to help, we understand but if you can help out, any amount would be greatly appreciated. This upcoming fall and holiday season are going to be challenging for many families. We’d like to help them as best we can.
We truly hope you are well and hope to see you in the future.

If you need to reach us, email: